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My artwork in George Harrison’s Childhood home!

15 March - 2022

The home of Beatle George Harrison was bought recently by an American fan. The house is available to rent via Airbnb. The owner contacted me through a Beatles Facebook fan site and has purchased two prints based on George’s compositions ‘White...

Title or No title? Beatles artwork

9 December - 2021

I am experimenting with a special collection of my ‘The Beatles’ series of digital images. Avid Beatles fans tell me they enjoy guessing the song title based of the song lyrics, other not so familiar with the songs sometimes struggle to...

Tribute to George Harrison

9 December - 2021

I created this special version of my ‘The Beatles’ collection dedicated to George Harrison who sadly passed away 20 years ago on 29th November 2001. It was very poignant to me personally as my father was a huge Beatles fan and also died in...

Let it Be

17 October - 2021

It is over fifty years since The Beatles ‘Get Back’ was recorded in 1969. It was then released as a single on 11 April 1969 and credited to “The Beatles with Billy Preston”. The song was also the last track on the album ‘Let it Be’ In...